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Whats Happening

It used to be that when the world came into possession of new information, it would come from the top down. Now thanks to the growth of our Type 1 civilization communications we are learning things from the grass root. “You can tie the hands of the one, but you cannot tie the hands of everyone”
What we are learning now is that this world is ready to step into an age of the stars. We have been able to effect gravity, energy production and a means of breaking through old technology. Tech that has been venomously protected by large groups that have no interest in our vision of a better civilization.
How does ESP work? All points of space and time are connected. That’s how it works.
The only one constant is change. Trying to hold something in stasis is not something that life is very good at. If you are looking for a certain outcome in a given scenario you will inevitably bias your understanding of said subject matter. You need to be careful that you don’t allow what you believe to bias or “fence off” the possibilities that may be sitting right in front of you.
This search for truth may be unsettling to your understanding of the world around you.
I ask that you allow yourself to be challenged.
Allow yourself to quite the voice that throws away a possibility simply because you have never seen it before. Look away from the distractions that have been laid before you. Look away to see the outlying landscapes.
Look to the stars that have been dimed by our city lights.
We are in a new age.
If we act as one.
Join consciousness
We can come together as something better than our individual needs
And perhaps…..

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Dear Earth

From our big family.

To the old end users, your time has come.

The party is over.

You probably haven’t even noticed it .

The era of greed and selfish interest is passing.

And all of those who have worked so hard for others:

Those who have sought to open the portals of peace and harmony with in people…

Now it is their day!

Just wanted to be the one to let you know.



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We are here!

It has taken some time to get to this point but the band has become something new.

No longer a desired end but a fellowship of artists evolved.  Our roots have grown strong soaked in the Earth.

There is more to Life than just understanding.

IMG_0798There is being!

There is experiencing!

So much learned  from boundaries:

the ones we posses
the ones that stop us cold

and the ones we step over

Sometimes we are welcomed in as an uninvited guest.

Some times turned out

We take from each other.

I hope you can see that everything you do matters.

I hope you know that we are the same being.

I hope you know how powerful you are.

The path to the edge of the world is dangerous and beautiful.

Step by Step

And it belongs to those who posses the gift of life.

I love you, now and always

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Just because you think we are alone in the universe does not make it true.

The world is filled with so much itself, think of what might exist outside of our window.

Don’t decide to end possibility because it seems safe. 

There are so many bands that sing and believe in possibility: Radiohead, Sigur Rós, Pearl Jam, Atoms for Peace, Local Natives, Ian Moore, Billy Ray Reynolds , Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros, The Blue Hit, Rational Panther, MöbiusTrip, the Hair Farmers, and  Love Hate Affair just to name a few

And you love the idea of possibility, so why decide ?

Keep up the good fight!


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Hello to you my other self


Making change in the present will always effect the future and the past.  You are the captain of your own ship and together we are collectively creating and co-creating our experience here.   What you do and what I do are absolutely connected.  There is no way to marginalize our actions.  We are responsible fo the world outside and in.  Seeds grow.  So if it is change you seek then begin by trimming the sails and changing the course. IMG_3758Tools for change include, meditation, time outside, blessing total strangers, listening to your heartbeat. There is no substitute for spending time with your heart.  We all have them, and they all need love.

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To open your mind


Requires nothing,

I think its pretty obvious when you look around in any public setting, everyone in sight on their cell phone, ipod, laptop drinking stimulants and furiously absorbing some form of input.
But how do we know the scope of this input? How do we know what it will make us tomorrow?  Will we be ascended masters ready to receive the next transmission, or will we have post traumatic stress disorder from second hand experience?  The first time I saw Reservoir  Dogs I was 12 years old, the scene with the cop being tortured by Mr Black made me  nauseous.  My body had experienced physical shock from visual stimulus.  It was at this point I realized the power of media, to reach out and ring my belly and my heart.  As though i had been there…  Well there is a flip side,  just as putting in and putting in never fills the hole.  There is the valuable experience of no-thingness.  Letting the mind expand itself and breathe.   Letting the spirit stretch  All you have to do is sit with yourself, let thoughts pass and observe.  You can do this in a chair staring at the ground, you can do this under a tree in the sun, no biggie, just notice your breathing.  Nothing more, maybe for like 20 minuets…Let your mind rest and see it growIMG_3962

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