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To open your mind


Requires nothing,

I think its pretty obvious when you look around in any public setting, everyone in sight on their cell phone, ipod, laptop drinking stimulants and furiously absorbing some form of input.
But how do we know the scope of this input? How do we know what it will make us tomorrow?  Will we be ascended masters ready to receive the next transmission, or will we have post traumatic stress disorder from second hand experience?  The first time I saw Reservoir  Dogs I was 12 years old, the scene with the cop being tortured by Mr Black made me  nauseous.  My body had experienced physical shock from visual stimulus.  It was at this point I realized the power of media, to reach out and ring my belly and my heart.  As though i had been there…  Well there is a flip side,  just as putting in and putting in never fills the hole.  There is the valuable experience of no-thingness.  Letting the mind expand itself and breathe.   Letting the spirit stretch  All you have to do is sit with yourself, let thoughts pass and observe.  You can do this in a chair staring at the ground, you can do this under a tree in the sun, no biggie, just notice your breathing.  Nothing more, maybe for like 20 minuets…Let your mind rest and see it growIMG_3962

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