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We are here!

It has taken some time to get to this point but the band has become something new.

No longer a desired end but a fellowship of artists evolved.  Our roots have grown strong soaked in the Earth.

There is more to Life than just understanding.

IMG_0798There is being!

There is experiencing!

So much learned  from boundaries:

the ones we posses
the ones that stop us cold

and the ones we step over

Sometimes we are welcomed in as an uninvited guest.

Some times turned out

We take from each other.

I hope you can see that everything you do matters.

I hope you know that we are the same being.

I hope you know how powerful you are.

The path to the edge of the world is dangerous and beautiful.

Step by Step

And it belongs to those who posses the gift of life.

I love you, now and always

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